Light + Plant + Grow

So, you're ready to plant your seeded dust cover! 


Step 1: Once you candle has about 1/2" of wax left at the bottom, extinguish and allow to cool completely. 

Step 2: Clean out any remaining wax from your jar and remove the wicks. We have found the easiest way to do this is to boil water and pour into the candle jar leaving about 1" space at the top. The water will melt the remaining candle wax causing it to float to the top. Allow the wax to completely cool and harden before removing it from the surface of the water. Our wicks are placed using hot glue and should remove fairly easily - if needed, use a spoon to nudge the wicks off then toss into the trash.*use a strainer to drain water and always throw excess wax away as it can clog drain pipes* 

Step 3: Using warm water, a sponge and dish soap (Dawn works great) scrub the inside of the jar to remove any remaining particles of wax or hot glue. Allow the candle jar to dry completely before planting your dust cover. 


Step 4: Soak the dust cover in a small bowl of water for 2-3 minutes; it will become more fragile, handle carefully :) 


Step 5: Fill your jar about 3/4 full of soil. 

Step 6: Place your soaked dust cover flat on top of the soil. 

Step 7: Place about 1/8 of soil on top of the dust cover - too much soil may suffocate the seeds.                          

Step 8: Place jar on a window sill where it can get plenty of sun. 

Step 9: Water surface lightly until top soil is moist. Continue to water 1 - 2 times a week, more often if getting direct sunlight and top soil appears to be dry.