If you are here because you are ready to plant your dust cover, then head over to our Repurpose + Plant page! If not, read on to learn a little more about what we do here at Native Wick Candle Co.  


Hi! My name is Madison, owner of Native Wick Candle Co. I am so happy that you are here! 

If you know me, you know I love two things: candles and houseplants. Yes, I am the "crazy plant lady" and hey, I am okay with it! In the summer of 2021, my husband and I moved from Texas (home) to Minnesota. This move got me thinking about what I wanted to do with my time there. I realized that I had the perfect opportunity to start my own business - because if not then, when? 

I decided that I wanted to make candles and began researching all about them - there is a lot more to making a quality candle than you think! Candles are great when you are burning them, but what if after all the wax has melted away you could repurpose your candle jar for another use? This got me to thinking about all the candle jars that I had just tossed out along the years. Incorporating my love for plants, I created my own plantable dust covers for each candle. These are handmade from 100% recycled paper and sprinkled with seeds so that they can be planted and grown in your candle jar after the wax has melted away. 

Each candle is made with 100% soy wax and phalate-free fragrances ensuring a clean and safe burn for your home!

I am so excited to continue to share this journey with you! Thank you for stopping by! 

Madison - Native Wick Candle Co.